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About Us


ServersMU Engine, is the top of the MMORPG Mu Online servers with a search engine. It has a database with Mu Online servers with all the possible information about each one, provided by the administrators of the server. Thanks to this database, the user can search our website for a server that meets certain requirements established by the user. Although not all, several features are available for the search of servers, and found the server you can see all the details that are often not included in the web of it. Thus the user can objectively choose a Mu Online serivdor having all the information prior to downloading.

We also have a voting system to order the servers with the best conditions in descending order.

The administrator of a Mu Online server can also find great use on our website. Users will eventually cross paths with your server and make it more popular.

The search engine

In the search engine you can see 3 tabs with different characteristics each: 1. General : Here you can specify general characteristics such as the name of a server, the version (or season), the experience and the drop. The Exp and Drop boxes have two search values ​​each, a minimum and a maximum. This is that if you want to find a server that has between 150x and 500x experience, you specify them in the box min (150) and max (500) and the engine will return all the servers included in that range (including 150 and 500). If you want a server specifically with 200x experience, both boxes must be completed with the number 200. And if you want a server, for example, with less than 500x experience, the first box (min) must be empty or 0 and in the second (max) the number 500. Same in the opposite situation. Letters should not be added in these boxes, only the numerical value. 2. Reset : In this section you can modify 4 characteristics related to the reset, whether the server has or does not have a reset system (or that it is not relevant, in which case the "Do not specify" box must be checked) ), or that after the reset, stats, skills or inventory are deleted (this is that when the character is reset, the points acquired with the levels return to the default value of the character, in the case of stats; for skills, all Skills acquired during the previous reset also return to the character's default value; and for inventory, the inventory is left blank and deletes any items that have not been stored in the trunk.) 3. Sales : For many users it is important that the server sells items, or conversely, that the server does not sell them. For this you can specify in the search whether you want the server to sell items or not, whether or not the server has an online credit system, or whether or not the server has a VIP user system.

All these characteristics are optional , the default value in all of them is "Do not Specify", but at least one parameter is required to perform the search. Not all fields are required, but you must complete at least one field to search for servers Add your server The user who owns their own Mu Online server can add it to our database. We do not ask for any information that could compromise the security of the server, but we do request very detailed information on the characteristics. Most of the fields are mandatory, although some are optional. You can only add three images and a video. Any questions you have about a box can be resolved by reading the text that appears below it, and if it is not enough you can contact. In the additional info field you can add data such as event information, master exp,% of chaos machine, etc. The better the information provided in terms of quantity and quality, the better your server will score and the easier it will be to find. Once the server has been added to the database, it will not be visible to users until you confirm ownership. For this we ask you to download a text file without content and upload it to your server page. Pressing the "Verify" button automatically will make your server visible to users. Do not delete that file, or the server will no longer be visible, with this we automatically verify that the server is online. Servers Each server has a personal page where you can see all the detailed information, with videos and images, and with useful links, either to the server's website or to its download, ranking, registration or forum page. All this information can be modified. Voting System We have a ranking - top that consists of a voting system to position the most voted servers first. Each registered user can vote only once to a server, or remove the vote. Unregistered users cannot vote. If your server does not have votes or you decide not to sign in to this system, the server will still be visible in the search system.